Monday, January 19, 2009

Inspiration: Recycled traffic lights

As a glass artist, I'm a sucker for any kind of brightly colored glass objects. Check out these pendant lights made from reclaimed traffic signals. As municipalities go from bulbs to LEDs, these glass lenses are pretty easy to find (check ebay or your local salvage yard). I have several I scored off ebay a few years ago. These beautiful "Stoplights" pendants are from Greenlight Concepts, a local SF company that makes modern lighting from the discarded traffic lenses.

If pendants aren't your thing, they also make some striking lamps. Prices are reasonable, from $90 to $300.

Image from Greenlight Concepts


  1. I am looking for a nice fixture, perhaps a little more traditional than that, but with simple lines for my dining room. Think you can hook me up?

  2. Ah...The elusive perfect dining room fixture. If you want to go green, the options tend to more funky. But we're working on it. Watch this space for more ideas, and maybe even products.


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