Friday, February 27, 2009

Education Friday: Learn something @ The Crucible!

The Crucible is one of my favorite places in the bay area. Located in West Oakland, it's a quick BART ride from SF (1st stop in the east bay). I've been involved with them for years, and it's an amazing organization. They say it better than I would:

If you’ve always wanted to weld, work with glass, make jewelry, dance with fire, pour bronze, or learn other industrial arts, you’ve found the right place. At The Crucible, beginners are encouraged, and no experience is necessary. You can safely learn the skills you need while working on projects. If you’re an experienced artist or craftperson wanting to develop new skills, you can enroll in advanced classes—and take advantage of opportunities to use The Crucible’s facility and equipment. Enrolling in a Studio Access Lab gives you access to our equipment so that you can work on your own projects.

The upcoming spring quarter runs April 25-July 6.
Registration opens March 10.

The full course catalog is available on their website. If you just want a taste, they have workshops that complete in a weekend. Some highlights of special interest to the Process 376 team:
  • El-Wire workshops
  • Demystifying the Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Electronics for Artists
  • Architectural Applications of Plate Glass--Using Recycled Materials
  • Woodworking (all skill levels)
  • Sheet Metal Forming
  • Beginning Hula Hoop*
Hot tip: If you volunteer, you get reduced tuition on courses.

They are having an open house on April 18 with live demos (including metal casting) and a student art show.
*Included especially for Tricia and Kacie, although they are already pretty good at this.

Images from The Crucible

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