Monday, October 26, 2009

The doily show

Netherlands-based designer Ulrike Jurklies of Momantai and her partner in art, Roel van Hove of Etsprit are recycling second-hand furniture, but not in any of the usual crafty ways (coat of glossy paint, decoupage) or in the deconstructive approach we're so fond of (new furniture with vintage drawers, mash-ups of chair legs). The twist here is to resurface the tabletops with a thin sheet of stainless steel. With a nod to traditional textiles, the lace patterns of Plauerner Spitze have been etched into the steel. The result is an ├╝ber-modern take on grandma's vintage doilies.
I love the pairing of traditional and modern, and the slightly off-center placement keeps the designs from seeming too precious.

Images from Momantai. Thanks to Apartment Therapy for the tip.

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