Thursday, March 4, 2010

Batter-up! Lovely dresses made from salvaged goods

Dress made of nylon baseball jackets

Our general rule for Fashion Fridays is that the designers must be local, but this was just too stunning not to share, so we'll drop it on a Thursday, and save Fridays for SF love. Gary Harvey is British, but if he wants to bring his stunning fashion sense to the Bay Area, we’ll welcome him with open arms. This was all part of NY’s Fashion Week.

Kicking off the GreenShows on Sunday was Gary Harvey, British designer and couture-upcycler extraordinaire. Each of Harvey's of 22 showstopping gowns was expertly constructed from repurposed goods, with a focus on iconic vintage garments and materials, including Levi's 501s, '70s floral print maxi dresses, logo tees, and the pages of the Financial Times, to name a few. Inspired by "refined elegance, drama, and proportion," Harvey makes a statement about secondhand clothing by re-contextualizing classic garments into new dramatic silhouettes.

Click through to Ecouterre to see the full slideshow. I’ve pulled a few of my favorites.

Made from dozens of repurposed polka-dot dresses

Laundry bags: Look at the woven bodice!

Skirts made of vintage scarves

Via Ecouterre

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