Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emeco's 111 Navy Chair: Made From Plastic Coca-Cola Bottles | Apartment Therapy San Francisco

Emeco has remade their classic 1944 aluminum Navy chair in recycled PET (rPET, mixed with glass filler and pigment). They have partnered with Coca Cola to use reclaimed soda bottles. Each 111 Navy Chair™ will consume approximately 111 20-oz. plastic bottles, sourced from a Spartanburg, SC recycling plant. The chairs will be molded in North Carolina and sold via DWR retailers starting this June. They’ll still be a bit expensive for a plastic chair, but I like the direction this is headed, where we use locally generated recycling to make products that have iconic styling and are designed to last. Unfortunately, with all the fillers, I’m guessing the chairs can’t really be recycled again at the end of life, but with luck, they’ll last a long long time.

Images from Emeco. Via Apartment Therapy.

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