Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's big marketing idea

It’s Earth Day, so the internet is brimming with green articles to read and eco-products to buy. I’m going to give you something instead:

See this article on CNET, all about Greenpeace’s efforts to pressure the computer industry to green-up the power sources for their big server farms. On the Greenpeace scale, Yahoo scores the highest, in part because their data centers are located where there’s abundant hydropower. Google does OK, as the company invests in wind and solar power to offset their carbon footprint. Apple does poorly. You can read all the details on CNET.

So what? So here’s my big marketing idea for all those companies pushing cloud computing:
“Your cloud, powered by the sun.”
I’ll even let you have that for free if you make it real. You can trademark it and run with it. 

Chart from Greenpeace. Via CNET.

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