Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am completely blown away by this deck of playing cards printed on reclaimed NYC Metro cards. From the spades inspired by manhole covers to the Coney Island joker, every MetroDeck card is a mini work of art featuring iconic New York details.

I love the obsessive nature of collecting cards for over 2 year, and I am inspired by the dedication it must have taken to make even one set, much less complete 40 or so decks worth of cards. Even the packaging details are spot on.

A full set will run you $550, but if you have a favorite card, you can get smaller sets at the shop. Personally, I'm digging those sewer spades. My latest lab crush....sigh. There are lots more photos and details at NOTCOT and the MetroDeck site.

Images from Metro Deck. Via NOTCOT.

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