Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent-ures in Advent Calendars

I'm not super materialistic, but I love the holidays. I love wrapping presents and giving gifts and all the shiny, glittery chaos of the season. Advent calendars are one of my favorite traditions. I like to make my own. The best one I did was a new book for each day (all used books, collected over a few months from our best local thrift store), wrapped and with a single bold, graphic number on the front of each package.
If you want to have your own Advent fun, Martha Stewart has several different DIY versions, so you can pick your preferred level of green-ness and difficulty. I know DIY isn't for everyone. If I were to buy an advent calendar, there's something about this one that's completely charming. Or if you're less traditional, these monsters might be a big hit. They would rule at our house, and I love that they can be finger puppets after the holidays are over.
This year, inspired by the baby sock version I saw in a magazine, I'm feeling more ambitious. We have a decent supply of outgrown baby socks in our house, too, but they aren't quite as charming as the magazine version. Instead, I raided my stash of "things that want to be other things" and found some very small felt stockings (nabbed on holiday clearance somewhere), and will number, hang, and fill them for the boys. If it turns out love

Now, to the best part, finding 24 little surprises to go inside...

Images from Martha Stewart, BODIE and FOU, and DaWanda. List of great advent calendars via Paul et Paula