Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finger pointing: Secrets of the SF Dump

Treehugger has a great slide show and story on their visit to the SF dump. The dump itself is less of a dump and more of an elaborate processing station, with a goal of diverting (reuse, recycle, etc.) as much as possible. They currently reuse about 5% recycle about 60% of the material that comes to the site. If you're local, you can cruise over there to dig through the reuse bin and take anything you need. It's also a great resource for recycled paint, which is mixed on site and sorted by color. Anyone can come get a bucket or two for free.

One of the most interesting things artist in residence program (annual shows and some really fantastic work). They give tours of the sculpture garden once a month, and their next big show is in September. We'll keep you posted.

Images from Treehugger (photographed by Jaymi Heimbuch)

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