Monday, April 27, 2009

Modern Coop

Why, why, why is our design blog featuring chicken coops? Around here, backyard chickens are becoming more and more popular. The eggs are fresh, organic, delicious, and cheap, and the chickens also make a lot of, um, fertilizer, which is handy if you're a gardening type. In our own Oak-town, you can keep several chickens (no roosters), as long as your coop is a reasonable distance from neighboring houses. Once you've decided to have your own chickens, you'll need a place for them to live. Most people build their own coop, but then there are these beauties, like mini airstream trailers for your flock. The coops are made of reclaimed cedar planks and can be customized to your needs. Each one is hand-built by architect/designer John Wright, who has raised several chickens in his own backyard.


Modern Coop is Portland-based, so if you're in Oregon, your lucky chickens can live it up in Dwell-modern style. John's also available to help design your dream home, with or without chickens.

Images from Modern Coop


  1. awesome airstream coop! I immediately noticed the high fancy stepping the little hen took as she skiddles down her personal runway!! Way to go- she knows shes loved and gosh darn"t her eggs will show it!

  2. Thanks Katie. I appreciate the post. The City of Portland just used one as a demonstration model for a green roof instalation.


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