Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bandwagon time: Fobots

As you probably know by now, I love robots. At the labs here we’ve featured Cat Bishop and Adoptabot. Anthropologie has jumped on the found object robotic trend, selling artist Amy Flynn’s Fobots on their website.

I wanted to dislike the Anthropologie offering, preferring the Etsy finds. The truth is, these are the real deal, not mass-produced, made-in-sweatshop knock-offs. It’s nice to see a major retailer supporting artists in this way. Each Fobot is identified as one-of-a-kind (and priced accordingly). If you prefer to pass-up the mall, you can also buy directly from the artist. There are some equally wonderful robots available on her website. I especially like the clever use of jewelry pieces and car window cranks to add personality. This one even has little Madonna*-esque cone boobies!

*Madonna of “Like a Virgin” fame, of course.

Images from Anthropologie.

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