Monday, December 21, 2009

Jibibuts! designer toys

Design duo Noferin have found a way to make eco-friendly urban vinyl. OK, so they're wood, not PVC. As soon as I find an eco-friendly PVC, I'll let you know. No matter what they're made of, these designer toys have a great Kawaii cute style to them and look like they'll be able to hold their own on the shelves of Kid Robot.
Pecan Pals

Following up on their wildly successful (and adorable) Pecan Pals, Noferin has release 12 blind-boxed mini figurines. Averaging about 3 inches tall, the Jibibuts are made of sustainably-harvested rubberwood. Available at Munky King for $9 each.

Images from Noferin. Thanks to Inhabitots for the tip.

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