Monday, September 19, 2011

#uck #ast #ashion

Just came across Holstee, which is a dude company, in the best possible way. They make the Holstee, which is a T-shirt with a holster sewn in for your electronic gear. See? Dude company.

They are also awesome, not because of the Holstee, which isn't quite my style (and doesn't suit my girly frame), but for two other details you'll find in there if you poke around on their site:

Awesomeness #1: Their #uck #ast #ashion T-shirts, which are reclaimed T's overprinted with their FFF slogan. They have a full line of upcycled tees, all sold out now. Too bad, because I'd buy these for all my dude friends.
Awesomeness #2: Their manifesto, which, not to be too mushy, is quite simply inspiring in a "get out there and kick some a$$" kind of way.

My latest lab crush. Too bad they are in Brooklyn. We could be friends.
Images from Holstee.

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