Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Etsylicious: Bottoms up, again!

So, I have these fantastic juice glasses made from recycled Boylan's soda bottles. They have survived bangs and drops and other abuse without even a chip. However, after 2 years and 4,375,296* cycles through the dishwasher, the screen-printing is starting to fade. My first instinct was to straight up replace them, because we love them--They're quirky and fun and my 5-year-old likes to read the labels. Without the graphics, they are serviceable, but not as charming. I went onto Etsy looking for replacements...

While I was poking around looking for new glasses, I found this. I don't need a menorah, but if I did, I'd like to think our family would enjoy one made from the recycled necks of tequila bottles and a salvage wine barrel stave.

Oh, in case you're dying to know, we're going for these. Same idea as our original set, but with no printing to wear off.


Images from YAVA Glass and BottleHood.on Etsy

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