Friday, May 29, 2009

Etsy-licious: Bottoms up!

We have two small juice glasses. Nothing fancy, they are just the right size for OJ or a glass of wine (In our house we drink the casual Italian way, from tumblers). I like them, because they are squarish without being sharp, and they don't weigh too much. We used to have eight, but then they started a run of bad luck: One smashed in the sink, one fell on the floor, etc. I'm clumsy (see previous bit about the smashing), and switching over to our tall wobbly stemware seemed unwise. I didn't want to buy new, and I wasn't having any luck finding a vintage set I really liked. Then I ran across YAVA Glass.

Mr. YAVA (aka glass artist Shawn Fletcher) takes interesting bottles and turns them into glasses, vases, coasters, and more. In an effort to use every scrap of the bottle, he's even started making jewelry from the tops.

Now I have shiny new glasses to fill with juice, wine, cocktails, etc. The Leninade ones want vodka, no?

Images from YAVA Glass.

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