Monday, October 19, 2009

Oliver's recycled bicycled lamps

Oh happy day! Following up on his fantastic phone book design, Oliver sent in photos of his beautiful lamp from one of our earlier Process 376 challenges, made almost completely of things he salvaged around his shop. We all loved it so much, he made a pendant lamp in the same style.

Oliver is a meticulous craftsman, and every detail seems considered, from the pendant's counterweight to the tiny fasteners holding the shade together. Check out the the details of the bike chain structure and that stunning lampshade.

Materials used (all except the halogen are things he scrounged around his shop):

  • bike chain
  • bike hub
  • hard drive disc
  • microwave transmission tubing
  • scrap piece of Richlite
  • HDPE plastic sheet (cut into strips to make the shades)
  • low-voltage halogen

Both pieces are for sale, and Oliver does commissions as well. You can see more of his work and contact him via his website.

Images from Oliver DiCicco (photography by Tricia)

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