Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You can ring Ma Bell...

It's phone book season again, which means that the yellow and black bricks are landing on doorsteps all over the Bay Area. Even if you're one of those Luddites (guilty) who still likes to have the phone book around, that still means that last year's model is destined for the recycling bin.

Our most recent Process 376 challenge was to create a jewelry box completely from free materials. We were encouraged to mine curb finds, throwaways, and the CraigsList free section. Oliver was inspired by the lowly phone book to create his box from the yellow pages and a scrap of aluminum plate. I would have gone at this with an X-acto blade and given up by the time I got to the B's, but Oliver epoxied and clamped the whole thing, then hollowed out the insides with power tools.

He capped off the box with an aluminum plate, finished with a right-angle grinder and straight edge. Soo's bangles and baubles have a stylish new home.

More jewelry boxes coming in the next couple of weeks as everyone sends in their photos.

Images from Oliver DiCicco.

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