Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clutching at the last straw

Alex sent in Scott Jarvie's Clutch chair made of 10,000 plastic drinking straws. As I'm guessing the straws aren't salvaged from the local soda shop, these pieces may not be that sustainable. I've been trying to give up the straw lately, which is working OK for me, but not so well for my 3-year-old. He's never so happy as when we're making straw-wrapper worms at a restaurant. Of course, the Clutch series is more art than furniture for your home, and these make an interesting commentary on our disposable culture. It's worth looking at the designer's other work. He has some furniture pieces that make very efficient use of materials.
For those of you on the Process 376 team, we're meeting up tomorrow to show our work. See you there! For the rest of you, we'll be posting photos soon.

Images from Scott Jarvie (via Everyone is an Art Director). Thanks to Alex for the tip.

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