Friday, September 11, 2009

reMade USA: hell bent for leather

These bags from reMade USA are recycled and SF-made. Designer Shannon South prowls local thrift shops for dated leather jackets, then turns them into these lovelies, right here in SF. Every detail is considered--Even the linings are vintage scarves. If you want one custom-made from that purple leather number you wore in high school (fringe? What were you thinking?), you can send it in. If you're not that sentimental, or if you had better taste in your younger years, she'll gladly use something interesting you found at Thrift Town. Of course, you'll have to beat her to it.

Most people don't consider leather "green," but these bags are a double win, putting eco-friendly products in the market for those who still want leather, and reusing fashions that are well past their freshness date. It's all part of South's approach to being a product designer, and this shines through in her work:
reMade USA was born out of the concern with creating yet another product to add to the gazillions already on this planet. I have a strong belief that if one is to be a product designer, there’s an important responsibility in thinking about what materials might do to the environment and how the people manufacturing them are being affected.
If you want to know more, there's a great article on reMade in Fast Company. The bags are destined for Barney's (SF and NY) this fall. Get yours now, before the fashionistas turn them into the next hot thing.

Images from reMade USA. Thanks to Alex for the tip.

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