Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashion Friday: Smokin' Salmon

The Nature Conservancy invited ten designers to create new objects from sustainable materials. The results are featured at the Cooper Hewitt in NYC. All the projects are interesting, but this one deserved a special mention. What is that, you ask? Leather? Leather paillettes, individually hand-sewn into place? That's not green!

It's not leather. It's salmon skin, which is a waste product from the food industry. The shoes are salmon skin, too. Now all they need is a clever marketing term: Loxy Leather, Luxe Lox, Coho-mina? Salmon skin sounds like it could be smelly (or deep fried), but Coho-mina sounds like it wants to be made into shoes.

More details on the full exhibition here: Design for a Living World. It's open through January, if you want to check it out.
Dezeen also has a great summary and more photos.

Images from Dezeen and the Nature Conservancy.

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