Monday, August 1, 2011

Electric Love @ Grain

Today my inbox featured another daily dose of awesome from the folks at Fab*. They highlighted a design studio called Grain out of the Pacific Northwest, with pretty robust sustainability credentials and some charming designs. The prices are pretty high, but there are some nice details here, from the wool felt and bamboo backing on their Bound mirrors to the sweet matchbox packaging for their Electric Love rings.
Now, if you want to make your own reclaimed wire ring, there's a great how-to @ Ecouterre.

Update 8/11: I just saw the rings on sale @ the SFMOMA gift shop. The packaging is just as cute in person!

*If you don't know about Fab, it's worth checking out. Flash sales like all the others (Gilt, etc.), but with a lovely high-design angle, and extremely well curated. You can Google "Fab" and go directly there, or you can click on this link. Full disclosure, if you click on my link, I get some kind of referral bonus. 

Images from Grain.

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