Friday, April 6, 2012

Double-down on your do-gooding

Today is Good Friday (and the start of Passover), so today's post is about good. You've heard of TOMS, right? They make shoes, and their business is revolutionary. Don't get me wrong, their shoes are nice--cute, comfy, popular enough to be knocked off by Sketchers, etc. But the revolutionary magic of TOMS isn't in the shoes, but in this one little statement
With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need.
I don't know if the founder of TOMS originated the one-for-one approach, but he took it mainstream. Since their success, every little do-good product company I know is toying with the strategy--Buy our pet bed, and we'll donate one to the ASPCA; buy our toothbrush, and we'll donate one to this homeless shelter; buy our McNuggets, and we'll donate a Happy Meal to.... OK, maybe not EVERY company.

Now they've partnered with FEED Projects, which is a worthwhile enterprise in its own right. The result is the FEED 12. If you buy a pair, they'll donate a pair of shoes and 12 school meals. Maybe they're not as cute as the glitter TOMS, but if you want to double-down on your do-gooding, this is one way to go. 

Have a great holiday, everyone!

Images from TOMS. Via Ecouterre.

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