Monday, April 30, 2012

IKEA gets all thought-provoking on us

The bowls are OK, but the concept is pretty interesting. As designers, material choice and life cycle implications are decisions we face every day. IKEA is pushing that decision downstream and highlighting it for the consumer. From IKEA's 2012 PS line*:
IKEA PS 2012 bowl is produced in two versions with different materials; one in recycled PET plastic and one in WPC, a mixture of plastic and wood fiber. PET is easier to recycle than WPC, but WPC is more environmentally friendly to produce. That brings us to the real smart part; the bowls look the same and give you the chance to think about the advantages and disadvantages of the materials. And if thousands of people must choose bowls, hopefully it will lead to thousands of discussions about our environment. Which one do you choose?”
And you thought IKEA was just about cute throw pillows and $1 frozen yogurt.

*Should be available in the US on May 1.
Images from IKEA. Quote from IKEA's PS 2012 Press Kit.

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