Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art of Board

So, I've seen some really nice skateboard jewelry, but this is pretty brilliant. Of course, this might be because I have a bare wall of cement board in my home, waiting for me to finally decide what surface is going there, and I've got all kinds of tile on the brain. I wish this were in our budget.

Art of Board recycles trashed and broken skateboard decks into lively wall tiles. The graphics make them pop, while the scrapes and scratches on the surface remind us of their first life. To fill their own supply chain, Art of Board created I Ride, I Recycle, which partners with skate shops to keep used decks out of landfill and put them into the hands of artists and designers looking for raw materials. The organization has a broader mission of encouraging skaters to minimize the environmental impact of their sport. We've profiled this kind of single-item supply chain before, and I'm always thrilled to see it working.

Images from Art of Board. Via Fab (Fab sale going until 5/18).

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