Friday, May 4, 2012

Next generation eco-fantastic

NPR's All Things Considered did an interview with seventeen-year-old Maura Pozek. In the style of the best Project Runway episodes, Pozek created her own prom dress out of cardboard and paper bags. That's charming in its own way, then it gets better. She reveals that this is the third prom dress she's created from reclaimed materials. The first one was made from Doritos bags, and the second was made of pop-tops woven with pink ribbon. 

It's worth listening to the whole interview. She's fantastic--doesn't come at it with an idealistic green point of view. She just thought it would be fun to make. My favorite is the Doritos one, but she's adorable in all three. You can listen here.

Images from NPR (top = Doritos bags, middle = cardboard, bottom = pop tabs).

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