Monday, May 14, 2012

Bike racks to coordinate your Eames lounger

So, I finally took the dive into Pinterest and quickly got lost for an hour looking at some very lovely eye-candy. There are some challenges in using Pinterest, specifically around copyright*, and for me, it would be a lot more useful if they would allow private pinboards. That said, I fell down the rabbit hole of product design boards, and discovered California designer Daniel Ballou via a random pin from a French website. 

How I got here doesn't really matter. The work is wonderful, and I love these bent plywood bike racks. The staging in these photos is perfect: Slat bench? Check! Eames lounge? Check! Bent wood awesomeness? Check!

*For more on Pinterest and copyright issues, read this Business Insider article.

Images from Daniel Ballou. Via Fubiz (Pinterest).

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