Monday, February 22, 2010

Film festival: ismism filmstrip lamps

As photography and film-making go digital, fewer and fewer people are spending time in the darkroom, and all those boxes of vintage slides and family Super 8 reels are fading into oblivion. My father was a photographer, and I spent many hours of my childhood in our basement darkroom, helping him with his latest round of photos. For me, there's a romance and sweetness to tiny strips of black and white images or a family's blurry vacation footage. But this post isn't about holding onto the past. This is about what you can do with all the waste generated by a switch from one medium to another.

Over the next couple of week, we're going to do a whole series on fantastic things made of film.

To kick off our SF Green Labs Film Festival, check out these lamps from Jamie Panzer. The lampshades are woven from vintage filmstrips. Of course, you could do this as a DIY, but the craftsmanship here is really nice, and the prices are reasonable. The lamps are for sale through the ismism website, where you can also admire Jamie's larger installation pieces.

Images from ismism designs. Via Apartment Therapy.

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