Monday, February 15, 2010

What to do with all those old lightbulbs?

As everyone makes the switch from incandescent to CFL bulbs, I've been wondering what becomes of all those old light bulbs and thinking that the glass is so pretty, it could be re-imagined. I had these designs percolating in my head and sketchbook, and it’s great to see that someone actually built them. Actually, two someones, and they did a beautiful job!
Up first, the What Watt light by Tim Fishlock. The artist calls it a "memorial to the incandescent lightbulb." The metal caps carry more visual weight than I thought they would, but it’s very interesting. There’s a fantastic video of it being put together here.

Next, these stunning urchin-esque fixtures by designer Helen Gifford of HelenBilt. These are made of reclaimed candelabra bulbs from chandeliers, and you see nothing but the glowing glass. Lovely.

Both projects save me the trouble of collecting bulbs, because now I know what they look like, and I don't feel as obligated to build them myself. Of course, if I ever find a place for that urchin fixture, I'll have to find a source for spend chandelier bulbs.

Images from Tim Fishlock and HelenBilt. Via dezeen and eco-chic design.

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